Essiac Tea Benefits for Health

The History of Essiac Tea
Essiac tea is said to have been an ancient recipe made by the Ojibwe tribes of Native Americans who populate areas of Canada and the northern United States. It was referred to as the “Ojibwa Tea of Life.” A Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse, was the first to use it to help her patients who were recovering from various forms of cancer. Caisse began to see remarkable results with her patients and wanted to make this elixir available for widespread usage. In the 1920s she began working with Dr. Charles Brusch to formulate an herbal mixture similar to the original drink that could be studied in a laboratory setting.

Caisse and Dr. Brusch began promoting the use of Essiac tea as an effective and affordable alternative cancer treatment. This caught the attention of the mainstream medical industry that went about spreading rumors about health risks associated with consuming Essiac tea. Since its adoption and promotion by a Canadian nurse nearly 100 years ago, Essiac has become popularly used for several reported health benefits. The herbal mixture’s most widely publicized health-related use is as the cancer treatment, whether as adjunctive therapy to standard chemotherapy regimens or as comfort care for patients with terminal cases. The list of essiac tea benefits is long. In addition to its reported benefits in cancer, Essiac is also known for its usefulness in detoxification and immune system strengthening.

The original four-herb recipe contained:

  • Burdock root (Rheum palmatum)
  • Sheep sorrel (Rumex acetosella)
  • Slippery elm bark (Ulmus fulva)
  • Turkey rhubarb (Rheum pomatum)

Laboratory experiments have shown that these individual ingredients possess several important biochemical properties, such as antioxidant, immunostimulant, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Antioxidant Properties
When the Essiac mixture was originally formulated by a Canadian Ojibwa healer an unknown number of years ago, it was intended to purify the body and maintain the balance between body and spirit. In accordance with this, Essiac is frequently used for its antioxidant properties. An antioxidant is a substance that prevents the generation and actions of free radicals, which are harmful byproducts produced by the body during the breakdown of food for energy or when the body is exposed to environmental toxins, such as tobacco smoke, air pollution, or radiation.

Scavenging of free radicals by antioxidants is important because the chemical instability of free radicals leads to cellular damage, which can lead to cell death, or even worse, cell injury and DNA damage, which is then propagated through that mutated cell’s replications. This can lead to accelerated and abnormal growth, which are precursors to cancer. Well-known antioxidants include, but are definitely not limited to:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Beta-Carotene
  • Tannins
  • Selenium

All of these mentioned antioxidants and much more are found in the individual ingredients in Essiac.

Essiac Tea Enhances Immune Function
Conventional cancer treatments increase the body’s toxic load and they destroy the individual’s immune system. Essiac tea, on the other hand, has shown the ability to strengthen the immune system and improve its ability to respond to infection. It also helps the body to eliminate toxins and provides pain relief which is welcome to anyone suffering from a chronic disease. Some of the companies that make Essiac tea recommend that the tea should not be used in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments. This is based on the idea that the immune system gets so damaged through conventional treatments that Essiac is unable to resuscitate the body’s immune response.

Many others believe that all cancer patients or immunocompromised individuals will benefit from the use of Essiac tea due to its powerful immune supportive nutrients.8 Clinical data remains limited, however, due to lack of research-based funding for the elixir. The first comprehensive laboratory investigation of Essiac was published by Seely et al in the International Journal of Cancer Research and Treatment in 2007 and among the study’s findings was a statistically significant antioxidant effect. Researchers involved in this study used a commercially available kit for measuring antioxidant activity and found that Essiac has a several-times greater antioxidant activity than known antioxidants such as red wine, green tea, black tea, and cocoa. These antioxidant effects are likely related to Essiac’s reported usefulness in cancer, prevention of cardiovascular disease, decreasing the risk of age-related eye disease, promoting brain health, and general health maintenance.

Product information
Essiac strengthens the immune system. The advantage of Essiac tea is that it is not toxic or harmful. 5dl water and 2 teaspoonfuls of herb mix are boiled at low heat for 10 minutes. Let go for about 4 hours, then light boiling for 5 minutes with stirring. The bottom set can also be used. It can be stored in a refrigerator for 2 days.

Immune Strengthening Effects
The immune system acts as the body’s defense against infection but is also important in the recognition and prevention of the progression of cancer. Another well-promoted use of Essiac is an immunostimulant or immune system strengthener. Related to this effect on the immune system is Essiac’s reported anti-inflammatory effect. The research study previously mentioned also examined the immune-strengthening effects of Essiac. Researchers found a significant increase in the activity of several immune system cells when exposed to Essiac; however, there was no direct bacterial killing observed in this study. Interestingly, though, previous studies have shown that Essiac tincture (as opposed to Essiac tea) possesses weak to moderate antibacterial activity against several organisms important in human disease, including Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.

Specifically, burdock root has been shown to have antibacterial and fungistatic activity, while also inhibiting the release of pro-inflammatory molecules. Because of its immune strengthening effects, Essiac is commonly used for treating pain and swelling associated with generalized inflammation (such as that associated with arthritis and respiratory tract infections), HIV/AIDS, other infections, and cancer. Due to the unique properties of the individual herbs in Essiac, in addition to the enhanced properties when the herbs are mixed together in the correct concentrations, Essiac tea benefits the body in many ways, including notable antioxidant and immune strengthening properties, both of which are valuable in the therapy of a myriad of health conditions.

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All About The Eco-friendly Shopping Bags

It goes without saying that the survival of all living species on earth is directly correlated with the health of the environment of this planet. The healthier the environment, the richer is earth is resources and the more and brighter is the chances of the survival of life here. However, due to a range of reasons, the environment of earth has been facing degradation and deterioration. Over the period of time, a number of anthropogenic activities have caused serious concerns of earth’s climate. Taking a look at the factors which are causing environmental degradation, the use of plastic bags appears as one of the biggest source of pollution on earth. And it is for this reason that social experts and environmental scientists believe in the fact that the use of plastic bags must be replaced by the use of reusable shopping bags. These environmental friendly bags can render huge benefits not only in ecological terms but also in economical terms. To know more on these bags, let’s sift through this article.

At first you might think that there are some specific groups of people who’re trying to promote the use of these reusable shopping bags because they have specific commercial objectives behind the sales. However, the fact of the matter is that the conventional plastic bags are actually harming the environment of the earth on consistent and continuous basis. First, these plastic bags do not decompose or deteriorate in the environment. Second, these bags can hardly be reused. It therefore becomes important to make use of such bags which, if disposed off in earth, decompose quickly and at the same time can be recycled or reused for subsequent production. The best thing about these bags is that these bags are available at a very low cost. This means that you can purchase these environmentally friendly bags without straining your budget. Another brilliant aspect of the deal is that you can purchase these bags both online and offline. There are a number of online stores selling these bags and you can always place your online purchase order for reusable shopping bags.

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Satisfy your needs with infused water

Some people ask question about effectiveness of infused water bottle. They want to know the benefits associated with infused water. Most of the people know the benefits of fruits, vegetables and herbs but they have little information about infused water. Infused water contains ingredients, minerals and constituents of fruits and vegetables. Hence this type of water offers remarkable benefits for human health. In order to prepare infused water, you will need some things like pitcher or bottle, fruits and fresh water. First of all you will need to select your desired fruits or vegetables that you want to add in water. You can make pieces of fruits to insert in bottle. Once you insert the fruit or vegetable pieces in the bottle, you can fill it up with fresh water. Cover the bottle with lid and store it for couple of hours. Let the fruit pieces to soak in water completely. The ingredients and minerals from fruit pieces will transfer into the water.

Water in bottle will receive flavor, taste and color from fruits. You will feel pleasure to drink or consume this water. You can add your desired flavor and taste because it depends on type of fruit you insert in the bottle. When you add apple then you will find apple taste in water. Hence you can make your desired selection with ease. The presence of powerful antioxidants in infused water reduces the speed of aging. It also prevent from free radical damage. It also enhances the quality of skin. You will also observe increase in the production of collagen. You will feel younger and comfortable after few weeks of drinking this water. These features insist the people to drink plenty of infused water in their daily life. The process of metabolism is vital and critical for human body. This process is needed to enhance the speed of fat burning. It also helps in weight loss. It energizes your body in a better way. Infused water control or manage the speed of metabolism.

The presence of ingredients of fruits and vegetables in infused water bottle also help in good digestion. The citrus infused water is best for all types of digestive problems. You can add apples, orange, papaya, lemon and ginger for best results. Each fruit will provide its own specific minerals or ingredients in the water. It is reported that infused water also has cooling effect on human stomach. Hence it will improve the digestion. The commercially prepared soda and cola bottles are source of large number of disorders. They spread different diseases in human body. The regular use of such products can lead to severe problems for human body. It is wise to stop the use of commercially prepared bottles instead infused water should be used.

You will find different types of flavors in infused water bottle to meet your needs. It is a great choice for the patients of diabetes to use the infused water to enhance the health and fitness. This water possesses few calories; hence there is no chance of increase in weight.

Why Shopping Centre Boardwalk Is Getting Popular?

Soul Boardwalk has gained popularity within a short span of time because its location is already mesmerizing place for tourist and customers. People love to visit Surfer Paradise to spend some time near the beach. Now developing of a new shopping centre has opened various options for business community as well as common buyers. It is a kind of compliment to customers who enjoy their shopping experience and have some delicious food and a kind of picnic with friends.

Location Of Soul Boardwalk & Parking Facility
Location of Soul Boardwalk shopping centre is in the mid of Surfers Paradise. It is just a few meters away from the adorable beach and known as perfect location to come with kids. While going to this attractive center, it does not create problems to find appropriate car parking. At this place, customers are given peace of mind as spacious area is left for parking. Moreover there are special packages on car parking and most of the companies’ offer free parking for first hour.

Source Of Entertainment
On Surfers Paradise, there are various fashion outlets such as Foot Locker, Hype DC, QuikSilver, Rip Curl, Rush Surf, Roxy, SunBurn etc. Soul boardwalk makes time amazing for visitors and customers. You can check various stores for shopping and dining purpose. Open air shops are just a few steps away from Surfers’ Paradise beach. There are many attractive offers for customers as they have given an experience to enjoy shopping just like picnic. Open air environment, full of light area and world famous brands are available to meet your needs. Shopping malls are designed to make it an impressive area for customers. It is a place where luxurious items for kids, men and women are available. Branded outlets give guarantee of material and an experience to enjoy shopping without any tension. It is interesting that shopping centre is near dining area where you can view the beach, full moon and stars on the sky. It is ideal to come for shopping, stay a while to change the taste of buds by visiting your favorite restaurant or café and have some time at the beach as well. Car parking is located at shopping center and dining areas.

If you are looking for musical night or want to view local performers, you can come on weekend and have some fun in the evening. On social networking site, information of musical night on weekend and celebration of events like Christmas, Easter and New Year is given. Beneath the famous Hilton hotel, there is well known high street where items related to fashion are available. High street is known as an area specific for national and international jewelry, outfits and foot wear. Visitors who come to visit shopping centre, usually stay a while to revitalize their energy at Groove Train, Coffee Club, OC Coffee, Yum Cha Noodle Haus and Sushi Avenue. If we talk about dining areas KFC, ESPL, Vapiano, Elston, Mos Burger Movenpick are some of the highly visited places for dinner and drinks.

Promotional items – Buy Now

Inflation is increasing consistently particularly in the items born of commodities markets like paper and oil related products. It’s only intelligence that observes perks of buying products beforehand of yearly rate increases that they may order use utilize anyway as the promotional items for the business. Suppose you take a little time to browse available products, you must have no trouble in finding something, which suits your specific requirements for the promotional products. Obviously, suppose you are having trouble, you may always ask the promotional products expert for help.

In anything, less is always more. Chaotic, untidy and messy promotional items can project the company lacking in the professionalism. Therefore, in the promo products, selections should exude simplicity. The promotional items should be very cost-effective. They do not have to be very big & expensive. Majority of time, small and quality items are very effective marketing method for business as they’re easy and lightweight. Marketing activities must make this very simple for company to sell their products or services just by attracting right prospects. The potential concerns must be anticipated. The marketing materials must be simple to use & understand. Focus must be on client and difference of promotional items firm from competitors. As promotional items are possible to spark the interest, this must get translated to the sales and revenues. Suppose marketing activity is very effective then the chances are that prospective customers may inquire about products and services and inquiries must get turned in sales.

Bottom line is these marketing activities must get translated in the better return on the investment for justifying your marketing expense. Use of the promotional items will be the cost effective and best way to market company’s products or services, and the image. The personalization uses technology for customizing something for a person, group or organization. It gives domain of influence & unrestricted control for user. In workplace, this saves time just by allowing somebody to disregard the repetitive tasks. The personalization allows the service parts that user does not have to get discarded. Personalization gives the low cost solutions for meeting specifications of user. Some examples of the personalized things are mobile phones, web pages, promotional items and search engines. With birth of the digital printing, the personalized promotional products are now made possible. Apparel is the common personalized items. jackets, T-shirts, and pants are some items that are personalized too. These items are generally printed with organization’s logo and name. In a few cases, even individual’s name gets printed on apparel.

The clocks & watches can be personalized promotional products. There are some kinds of watches and clocks that get disassembled so that company’s name and logo is printed on clock’s and watch’s face. Even individual’s picture and name will be printed on clocks & watches. The caps & hats are ordinarily used as the personalized promotional products. Promotional item is the best marketing tool for business. Planning is very important for this kind of the marketing.

How to buy sleeping bags from online store

Lullaby Lane is a store that has been developed to help the parents get sleeping solution for their babies. The store is dedicated to offer the satisfaction and good customer service to the client. The founder used her first sleeping bag when her baby was only 3 months old and from that time, the baby did not have too much sleeping problems as before. She believed that the sleeping bag offered comfortable, warm and safe environment for the baby to sleep and she started with in order to help other parents to offer a good night sleep for their babies.
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If you have chosen the right sleeping bag from, you will be assured of a good night sleep for your baby. When your baby sleeps well, you also will have a good night sleep. In the morning you will be able to go for your morning jog and work on your workload. The company aims to offer comfortable and safe baby sleeping bags, swaddle bags with other related products for your baby. With Lullaby Lane, you will no long have to do any guesswork when it comes in finding stylish, affordable and reliable products for your baby.
If you would like to know more about baby sleeping bags or other products that are sold by the website, you can contact the company through an email. You have to fill the form that was provided and give your email before you send your message. All purchase you made will be send within 1 or 2 days from the time that the payment was gotten. If there is any problem with the order you made, a person in charge will contact you through your email about it. This is why you have to ensure that you have given a correct phone number and email address.
You can make your orders when you contact the company through email. The payment is done through the PayPal and if you do not have a PayPal account you can enter as a guest. The standard postage is based on the standard prepaid postage. If for any reason you do not like the sleeping bag you got, you can still send it back but you have to ensure that it is still new, it had never been washed or worn, it is still with its packaging and the label attached. It should not be smelling of any smoke or soiled in any way.

Proper ways to buy properties in monaco

Some processes are involved when you want to buy properties in Monaco. The processes are not difficult or stressful at all. However, you may find things a little bit difficult if you are buying properties in Monaco for the first time. In this case, you need the help of an estate agency that can help with the processes. This way, you will never have to get stressed or frustrated in the purchasing process. The real estate agency will also help to link you up with top quality properties in Monaco. It may be very difficult to take up the search by yourself. In actual fact, many property sellers prefer to go through estate agencies. One reliable real estate agency you can work with always and without any hitch is
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