Critical toilet features

Do you want to purchase a toilet? If yes then you should know the necessary features and properties of toilet. The most important toilet feature is water saving. It is reported that conventional toilets require 1.6 gallons water per flush. Similarly high efficiency toilets take only 1.28 gallons per flush. Therefore it is wise to consider this factor prior to purchase your desired toilet. The traditional toilets come with single flush option for both liquid and solid waste products. The latest and advanced toilets offer dual flush property. It offers full flush for solid waste products and partial flush for liquids. You can save some quantity of water in this way. The standard height of toilet bowl is 17 inches. It is considered best and comfortable for normal and disables people. The traditional toilets offer the bowl height around 15 inches. It is not comfortable for disable people. Another important thing to consider is bowl shape. It is recommended to use an elongated bowl because it offers more seating space. It does not allow the odor to escape. The average length of a bowl is around 6 inches. If you have no information about types and features of toilets, you can visit It is a best platform to purchase all types of toilets online.

We can also categorize the toilets as one piece toilet and two piece toilets. They are same in the performance but different in price range. One piece toilets are very costly or expensive as compared to two piece toilets. Two piece toilets need more cleaning due to accumulation of dust in between the bowl and tank. Another important feature of toilet is its flush system. The traditional types of toilets possess rubber flappers. The latest toilets possesses’ newer flush towers. They are called pressure assist toilets because they help to save the water. The trend of gravity toilets is reducing because they consume more water. Hence it is recommended to select the toilet with pressure assist flush system. The modern toilets also possess 3 inch flush valve that facilitates the easy removal of waste products. Most of the old toilets have 2 inch valve. Make sure that your toilet is less noisy especially if you are living near high transit area. Noise could be a very important factor for you.

Today toilets come in wide range of colors and shades. It is reported that more than 80% people love to select traditional white color. Dozens of new exotic colors are available today. You can use the web link to view wide range of exotic colors. Once you select a right type of toilet, the second step is to choose water line. Use of flexible stainless steel water line is best. The old or traditional types of toilets possess rigid chrome platted copper lines. Do not forget to hire a qualified and expert plumber to perform the installation job. With zero skills and experience do not try to do this kind of job at your own.

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