Who is Jordan Donich, a lawyer?

Jordan Donich, an assault lawyer is a leading member at Donich Law.  He has worked in many capacities and this includes representing the clients in Spanish, French and English. He specializes in civil litigation and in complex criminal defence. He specializes in the financial crimes, sex offenses, impaired driving and domestic assaults.

He has been consulted to give expert commentary from Law times, Toronto Star, Thomson Reuters, CBS News, Chatelaine Magazine, Metro News,  MCLeans Magazines, CTV, 680News and CityNews.  His firm also has given the expert and legal opinion on different emerging development on the sex and financial crimes, domestic assaults and Internet crime.  He is also interested in the cloud computing with the new sophisticated announcement for the law enforcement search tactics.

Mr Donich has specialization in the defence of the professionals and the first offenders.  He has been able to defend successful employees of CIBC, Investors Group, Scotiabank and Canada Pension plan. Others are institutional traders, Pharmacists, Hospital staff, Local Construction Unions and TTC.  He was able to get the withdrawal on the case that was filed against the President of Martial Arts Team that was competing in the year 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games. Other cases were to be able get the withdrawal of the case that was against the Paralegal, he also revolved the Assault with Bodily Harm without any criminal record when the complainant had suffered a broken zygomatic bone.  He defended Royal Bank and there was a withdrawal over the case that was fired against them about the possession of the property that has been obtained in the illegal way, the fraud and using of the Forged documents. He secured the withdrawal of the sexual assault against one Jehovah witness.  He has defended many allegations of the Sexual Assaults when they have been fabricated.  He has also been able to defend many  people who have been found with cocaine or who were driving impaired and they were able to go free without having any criminal record against them.

Jordan Donich, an assault lawyer started this career after the career in the consulting and in sales. He has been able to negotiate many transactions for some of the largest communication providers in Canada.  He uses the years he spent in the sales to be able to represent his clients persuasively and effectively.  Mr Donich is also among the best when it comes to the sport and he was given the black belt in Karate from Japan Karate Association. He got a gold medal in Karate in 2004 National Championship. He got published in the year 2005 and he featured in the National Newspaper Award.

Other people who work with him in the company are Stuart O’Connell and he appears in the court of Justice many times in Ontario.  He came to be known as the best Trial and Appellate lawyer and he is a lead trial counsel who works together with the Complex Criminal Defence and Cifcla Litigation disputes firm. Before starting to work in the Law, O’Connel, was an actor and also a light heavy weight boxer who fought in National Stadium of Dublin.

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