When do you need to do the tooth extraction?

One of the procedures done at http://www.drfinetouch.com is tooth extraction. This is the complete removal of the tooth away of the socket of a bone. When the tooth had been damaged by the decay or has been broken, the dentist may try other methods to preserve the teeth but when it is not possible to repair it, it may have to be extracted. The loose tooth may also need the extraction if it is not possible to save it even when the bone replacement surgery is used.
There are many reasons why a tooth may be extracted:
– When people have extra teeth which block more teeth so that they do not come out
– When the baby teeth refused to fall out in time so that they may allow the permanent teeth to grow
– People who get the braces may need to have some of the teeth removed so that teeth that are being moved can have a room
– The people, who should get the radiation at any part of the head or the neck, may require having the tooth extracted from the place of the radiation.
– People who receive cancer drugs can develop the infection in their teeth since the drugs may weaken the immune system and when the teeth get infected, they may be extracted.
– There are some teeth that may be extracted when they are the reason behind the infection if an organ transplant has been done. People who have organ transplant may be at a high risk of getting the infection and they have to take the drugs that suppress or decrease immune system.
The window teeth are also known as the third molars and they are extracted before or after they grow. The people may need to remove them if they are decaying, if they can cause the pain or if they lead to cyst or to infection. Such teeth may get stuck in a jaw or they may be impacted and they may refuse to come out. This will irritate gum and it may cause the swelling or the pain. In such cases, the tooth can be removed and if you want, the wisdom teeth can be removed at once.
If you would like to be treated using the intravenous drugs known as the bisphosphonates for different medical problems, it is good to be sure to see the dentist in the first place. When the teeth need to be extracted, it can be done before the treatment starts. Having the tooth extracted after the treatment, it may increase the cases of the osteonecrosis.
There are two types that are being done to do the tooth extraction. The general dentist may decide to do just a simple extraction and the tooth is just removed. The surgical extraction can be complicated and it is used when the tooth had been broken into the gum line or it is yet to come out into the mouth. The surgical extraction is normally done by the oral surgeons but sometime it may be done by the general dentists. The doctor retrieves the teeth by using a small incision that it is cut within the gum. To know more you can go to http://www.drfinetouch.com.

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